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Julia Litvin
Galina Sarapova
Olga Lubchenko

“Spiel Werkstatt: New Kids in the Kiez” is an interdisciplinary project focused on developing a game rooted in the history and unique features of the neighborhood, aimed at fostering intercultural communication and supporting Ukrainian refugee children in their integration into German society. Through collaborative research, creative tasks and game design, participants will embark on a journey to discover the diverse historical narratives that shape our community. The result of the project will be the creation of a board game, that will be presented at a final event and applied for participation in a Board Games Fair. 

The project will unfold through the following phases:

  • Discovering the area:

The group of participants will engage in research activities to discover the history, landmarks, and cultural heritage of the neighbourhood. Drawing inspiration from the findings, participants will collaborate to create games about the area.

  • Game Design:

Participants will study and play – they will learn the basics of game design and try out different game mechanics in practice. Their findings from research walks will be transformed into several game prototypes, which will be tested with the broader audience of people of different ages and cultural backgrounds. 

  • Production:

Once the game is developed, participants will collaborate on the production of the final prototype, including artwork, game components, instructions, packaging and promotional materials.

  • Presentation

The final prototype of a board game will be presented at a final event and also will be applied to take part at a board game fair.

The participation is free, please register here:

The classes will take place each Thursday starting 18th of April from 4pm till 6pm at the “Schülerladen” youth club (Büschingstrasse 4, 10249 Berlin).

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